Side Hustles

Side Hustles

 I was a dental hygienist. Retired sooner than planned due to arthritis in my hands.  I can make up to $17,600 and still get social security but don't want to work crappy minimum jobs with some pimple faced young kid telling me to work harder. You have other options.  

What's a Side Hustle?

SIDE HUSTLE something you do to earn money outside a traditional job.

Maybe that's an economic necessity for you.

Maybe it's an act of rebellion against "the system."

Maybe it's just plain fun.

Whatever it is, it's empowering. 

When you think of the word “hustle,” what comes to mind?

I’ve found it has two very different connotations:

One positive — “He’s not the biggest guy on the court but he sure shows a lot of hustle!

And one negative — “I got hustled by that used car salesman!”


Ebay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace - 

 Many places on the internet to sell stuff that is creating dust. You can make up to $19,000 a year without declaring to IRS.


Craigslist GiGs  

 Craigslist does have strange jobs by strange people but there are some gems on there. Work a day collecting tickets for a trade show at the convention center - cash paid at the end of the day.  Get that flu shot but get paid to do it in a clinical trial. I found a gig transplanting potted plants for a lady that was scared of spiders. 

Facebook join neighborhood groups

  Neighborhood groups on facebook is where people post things for sale and ask about people for odd jobs. 

But I don't do the internet/can't afford computer

  The library has computers and access to the internet. Apple Stores have free classes on all subjects. You can take classes at the senior center.  

You can go OLD SCHOOL

  Post ads at the community center or pool in your neighbor. Post ad at senior center. Call local businesses you like ask about part time work. 

Invent a job

 Take stock of your abilities, talents , experiences and start a side hustle of your own. 

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